CAPA Simulators

CAPA currently have 4 great FNPTII simulators that are quite lifelike. In addition, there are several smaller simulators available to our students for free usage. This brings us in the forefront of the latest technology within Multi Crew Training.

Our XJ simulator is convertible between a Boeing 737-800, which is one of the most used aircraft types, as well as an ATR. The brand new A320 simulator has recently been approved by the authorities, and in the approval got quite a bit of appraisal for being amongst the best that they have flown. In a couple of months the new B737 simulator will be ready as well, with an added cabin!

The simulators meet a desire from the aviation industry to provide pilots with more in-depth training in Multi Crew Cooperation, while becoming more SOP and Typerating related to the pilot job on a modern airplane.

In addition to professional pilot training, the simulators are used by many Danish and foreign airlines for admission tests of new pilots.

CAPA also has a Seneca and a Diamond Simulator with upgraded visual program, which can be used as single pilot IFR trainer and MCC.

As something new, it will also be possible to use the simulators for fun, either privately or as a business. Read more about

The advantage of using these high tech simulators is that we can both optimize the training significantly, but also that and we can more accurately prepare our pilots for how they will subsequently be trained and tested outside in the airlines.

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