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Villads = Pilot in Ryanair

Jesper = Pilot in Norwegian

Testimonials from airlines

Testimonial from Air Greenland
Air Greenland has been using Center Air Pilot Academy (CAPA) for several years in our cadet program for the Greenlandic pilots.
These cadets are partly sponsored by the Greenlandic “Selvstyre”, and their final education incorporates a type rating on the Bombardier Dash 8-200, the most commonly used airplane used in Greenland.
At a very early stage of the program we realized that an extended MCC course was needed to prepare these low-time pilots for Air Greenland. In co-operation with the CAPA management, we extended the MCC program to twice as many hours as the minimum required. At the same time, we introduced Air Greenland procedures into the MCC course to get the students used to the terminology used on the DASH 8 in Air Greenland. This turned out to be very beneficial. All pilots passed their type ratings and went straight to line training with only minor challenges.
For Air Greenland it is vital that we know that our cadets are trained at a level we consider a high enough standard, and that our cadets will fulfill our expectations.
By introducing APS MCC, Center Air Pilot Academy takes MCC training to next level for all pilots, and hopefully this serious approach to MCC will raise the level for all pilots wanting an airline job.

Peter Lethin Larsen
Director of Training
Head of Training
Air Greenland

Center Air Pilot Academy
APS MCC is part of the Centet Air Pilot Academy, which has 30 years of experience in training pilots directly to the aviation industry. CAPA is also an active member of IPTG, which is a working group in EASA, which has, among other things, contributed to developing APS MCC.

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