We offer 4 newly furnished rooms, with access to the kitchenette, bath, common living room and good opportunities to practice and prepare for the next lesson in our Paper Tigers and training simulators.

Single room - € 20/night
Duvet/pillow can be rented for € 30 (no time limit)
Bed linen/towel can be rented for € 30 (no time limit).
Food options
We at CAPA Simulators are having an agreement with Café Heiss which are located just 2 minutes walk from our training facilities.
At Café Heiss you will be able to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The opening hours of Café Heiss are;
were prepacked catering food is possible for pick up.
For more information please contact; Café Heiss,
Tlf. 0045 42801038.

Other food options are takeaway delivered food from Justeat.
Please find link below
How to get here and what to do
Roskilde is a very vibrant university city, where the most famous event is the Roskilde Festival,
but there are many other things to see and do in the area, which includes Copenhagen!
Of course you are here to study, but if you have some spare time, you can click on the links below for inspiration.
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